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Study Abroad

General Academic Information

Most courses taken abroad through a Center for Global Education program will automatically count towards your general graduation total.*  The grades you receive will also factor into your cumulative Grade Point Average.  It is not possible to take classes not-for-credit, nor is it possible to take classes as Pass/Fail* (there are some internships that are graded as Pass/Fail).  The maximum number of credits that you can take per semester is 20.5 unless you have received approval from a Dean. 

*Please remember that while abroad you should not enroll in a course or its equivalent that you have already completed at home.

Course Approval

Please note that the Center for Global Education cannot determine whether or not study abroad courses will count as Rutgers Major/Minor/General Ed. equivalents.  Each course that you take on a Center for Global Education program will count toward your graduation total, but you will have to consult with advisors from academic departments so that they can determine whether or not the course(s) will satisfy specific requirements. Then your advisors will note in your file (or in Degree Navigator) that a certain course you took while abroad is to fulfill a certain requirement for your major, minor, or General Education requirements.

You are responsible for ensuring that a course taken abroad can be applied towards a major/minor/general education requirement.  Major/Minor courses must be approved by the department head and general education requirements must be approved by a dean.  Upon your acceptance by Center for Global EducationCenter for Global Educationthe Center for Global Education, you will be able to access the Course Equivalency form.  Please take this to your department(s) along with the relevant syllabi to determine credit equivalencies.

Registering for Study Abroad

Once you have accepted your admissions offer from the Center for Global Education and have been fully admitted into the program - i.e. successfully completed the second phase of your admission process - the Center for Global Education will register you for the study abroad program. This process is automatic; there is nothing you need to do.  In order to register you, we use a “placeholder” course. The placeholder course will say “Rutgers Study Abroad in (country), (__) credits.” For programs held during the fall, spring, and academic year, the number of placeholder credits will be 12. For summer programs, the number of credits you are registered for will depend on the summer program you are attending.  Summer students, who are applying for summer financial aid, should check carefully that they will be registered as full-time for the summer.   

It is important for you to know that once we have registered you for study abroad, all other courses for which you might be registered for that term will be deleted. Thus, if you have been accepted by the Center for Global Education but you do not wish to participate, it is vital that you let us know in writing immediately. If you do not, there is a good chance that we will register you for study abroad and delete all of your other courses for that term. Please remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that your status with us is clear. We cannot fix any problems that occur with your courses if you fail to alert us as soon as possible that you do not wish to participate in the study abroad program.

Registering for Courses for Your Return

Many students ask how to register for courses for the semester when they return to their home institutions.  For non-Rutgers University students, you will need to contact your academic advisor at your home university for instructions.  For Rutgers University students (New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden), you will be able to register through WEBREG while you are abroad. The Center for Global Education will send you a reminder email with the dates that the schedule of classes opens as well as the access dates for WEBREG. If you anticipate difficulty accessing WEBREG (i.e. you are traveling during the registration period or the time difference would make it difficult for you to access the registration system), then please notify your Program Manager when you receive the reminder email.


While we are used to having our grades and updated transcripts here in the U.S. almost immediately after taking final exams, this is not the case when studying abroad. In most of our program locations, your grades will not arrive from your host institution for up to 8 weeks after the program end date. Your host institution will send via mail, fax, or email your grades as soon as they are available.  The Center for Global Education will contact you via email to alert you that your transcript has been received. Once we submit your grades to the Rutgers Registrar’s Office, you are then responsible for obtaining a copy of your updated official Rutgers transcript.

When you have completed your program and your study abroad grades have been received, we will submit your actual courses, credits, and grades to the Registrar’s Office. The placeholder will remain on your transcript, but the course(s) you actually took and the grade you received will also show up on your transcript. Your study abroad grades will be calculated into your cumulative GPA.

Once your study abroad grades are received, it can take 5 to 7 business days for the grades to be entered. You can request a copy of the Rutgers transcript through the Rutgers Registrar website.

Please allow 10 business days for the transcript to be mailed out. Requests via email will not be accepted. There is no fee for this service.  Non-Rutgers students should complete this document and fax it to the New Brunswick Registrar.