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Study Abroad
Next Steps

Once you have been accepted to a Center for Global Education program you should start preparing for your semester or summer abroad.  To help you prepare for this experience we have compiled some information covering steps that you should take before going abroad, as well as some things to think about while abroad.

Keep up-to-date: Read over your acceptance materials and check your email often.

Talk to your family: Be sure that they know about your plans for the upcoming semester; including the costs, your budget, and the dates that you will be abroad.

Get your travel documents together: It is your responsibility to make sure that you have obtained the necessary travel documents prior to departure. 

Plan for your program expenses: The costs of each program vary by program type, length, location, and level of support.  Be sure to read the program costs carefully and to check the budget sheets for information about cost of living.  If you are thinking about increasing the amount of aid you take out for the semester, be sure to talk to the financial aid office.  Look over our Finances page for more information about funding and the Withdrawal Policy.

Cancel your housing and meal plans: Once you have received official word of your acceptance from the Center for Global Education and your Host Institution, you should go ahead and cancel your housing and meal plan.  This can be done by submitting your letter of acceptance to Housing and Residence Life and Dining Services.

Attend the Predeparture Orientation: All students are required to attend the Predeparture Orientation.  More information about specific dates will be sent to you once they have been scheduled for your term.

Review the Health and Safety information and the Travel Brochure.

Conduct independent research: You should read all that you can about your destination.  You can read guidebooks, non-fiction, newspapers, explore internet sites, and you can even come into our office to talk to a Global Ambassador.  Also take some time to read about Culture Shock.

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