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Who are they?
They are former study abroad students
They volunteer their time to advise students and promote the study abroad to their peers. who volunteer their time to advise students and promote study abroad on-campus.

How can they help?
They are experts on their individual study abroad programs and can you give you the student perspective of studying abroad.  In addition to the study abroad advisors, they can answer questions and provide tips on housing, classes, the host city, budgeting, travel and the local people

How can I get in contact with a Global Ambassador?
You will find the Global Ambassadors at Global Education events around campus, in your dorms, and at student organization events. You can also get their Rutgers email addresses here

Please email to set up a customized presentation by a global ambassador for your organization or event.

How Can I Become a Global Ambassador?
Just returned from abroad and can't stop talking about your experiences? Share your stories and help advise prospective study abroad students . To become a global ambassador, please request the application here. Short training sessions will be held in the beginning of each semester.  We offer free study abroad t-shirts and prizes!