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Rutgers Service-Learning Abroad

Service-learning programs are a unique and exciting new spin on global education.  Unlike traditional “study abroad,” these intense, credit-bearing experiences engage students with members of their host country through sustained community service activities.  The combination of coursework, intercultural engagement, and service creates a powerful, holistic learning experience that is both experiential and immersive.  What does this combination look like?
  • Complete a five-week internship with a women’s health non-profit organization while studying a broad spectrum of transnational social justice movements in the Caribbean (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; 6 credits).
  • Help train women in farm management and business practices, while staying with them on small family farms and participating in daily life alongside members of the community (Antalya, Turkey; 3 credits).
  • Engage in intercultural dialogue with youth artists as a lens for exploring Francophone West African history, culture, and contemporary society (Dakar, Senegal; 3 credits).

These are just some of the many ways that Rutgers students are both broadening and deepening their education through international travel and meaningful community-based engagement, while leaving positive impacts on individuals throughout the world.  If you want to push your boundaries and truly make the world your classroom, contact the Center for Global Education to find out how to begin your journey!