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Service Learning Abroad

Service Learning Abroad is a unique form of global education at Rutgers University.  As a form of study abroad, it focuses on contemporary global and transnational issues and emphasizes human connection, challenging essentialized notions of nations and cultures.  As an academic course, it is grounded in experiential and community-based learning, moving students beyond classrooms into direct engagement with local communities.  As a service experience, it exposes students to new ideas and approaches to community development, and encourages collaboration across national and cultural borders.

At its core, Service Learning Abroad embraces global education with a conscience.  It requires students to dedicate thought, time, and ability to working with (not for) communities to confront local challenges, while digging into complicated questions of power, injustice, and inequality in a global context.  The result is a powerful, holistic learning experience designed to lay a foundation for life-long learning and engagement for a fairer, more just world.